Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Happens.

Sometimes I wish that life had a face and a voice so that I could argue my point. These past two weeks have been a test. A test on so many levels personally. Thank you for your patience and understanding during our delay in posts.

Unexpected events + situations happen, but I've always believed that it's not the events that occur, rather the reaction to the situations that matters. This is especially true in the wedding industry. Preparation and execution isn't always going to go exactly as planned, so remaining calm, having a backup plan, and 'rolling with the punches" so to speak, is key. Sometimes beautiful blessings come out of unexpected situations.

Keep smiling,
XO Cassie

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vendor Spotlight :: Jenni Maroney Photography

Alright, we're TRYING to get better about blogging in the am, but conquering the night owl lifestyle is no easy feat! In the meantime, we are SO SO SO excited to introduce you to Jenni Maroney Photography. We first met Jenni at the wedding of Anna + Kyle, at which we did hair and makeup for the bridal party {see the next pic below}. She was cordial and welcoming then, but it wasn't until we met for lunch that we realized what an absolute gem she is! Her photos are perfectly captured, filled with warmth and utterly priceless, but the icing on the cake is her personality. Jenni radiates positivity, energy, warmth and excitement and can easily pull those same traits from her clients.
How long have you been in business? I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 1999 and have been capturing lifestyle and wedding photography since. {Yep, legit right out of school this phenom was a success} I moved the business from Vermont to Colorado in 2007.

What is your favorite wedding moment? Gosh, there are so many. I fall in love with all of my couples and have a million "favorite moments". I'm a huge sucker for the 'first look' photos when the bride sneaks up behind the groom and taps him on the shoulder. That first look is priceless. Usually all four of us (bride, groom, myself and 2nd shooter) are all tearing up! We have grown INCREDIBLY fond of this photography moment, and HIGHLY recommend it. So much so, stay tuned for a post about it soon!

What has been your most terrifying wedding moment? I photographed a wedding in Mexico a couple months ago and had a nightmare the night before that I would arrive at the ceremony and another photographer was there...and what do you know, it happened! The resort provided a photographer (unbeknown to the bride and groom) for the ceremony and a half hour for posed photos. It was definitely a challenge to work with another photographer with a completely different style and different language, but we made it work!

What is your favorite wedding trend? I love photobooths! Not the traditional booths that you step-in, but the kind that the photographer sets up at the reception with a camera on-tripod, flash, basket of props (fake mustaches and all!), and a remote control shutter release! These photos are ALWAYS ton of fun!

Where do you get your inspiration? I just recently got married myself and visited daily (and still do) Style Me Pretty {AMEN!} It's the #1 wedding blog in the world and an absolute MUST when planning a wedding!! I am also extremely lucky to have a wonderful group of photographer friends. We all get together for coffee often and brainstorm new ideas, share photos and stories and leave 100% refreshed and inspired!!

What is your biggest vice? Blog stalking :) I can't help but follow a huge list of photographers and wedding vendors that inspire me everyday to be a better photographer.
What is the best party you had growing up? My sister and I used to throw a festival every summer during high school. We hired bands, sold tickets and even sold t-shirts! It was always so much fun and a huge hit!

If you lost your camera the day of a wedding and your only options were a polaroid and 2 disposable cameras, what would you do? Wouldn't happen! I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to being prepared and having tons of backup gear! Between my second shooter and myself we have 5 camera bodies, 7 lenses, 4 flashes, tons of memory cards, batteries, batteries and more batteries! However, if I hypothetically decided to take my business in a different direction and started specializing in Polaroid only wedding photography, I would use 1/2 of the 1st disposable camera (18 photos) for the getting ready photos, the 2nd half (18 photos) on the ceremony. I would then use 10 photos from the 2nd disposable camera to capture the family photos and the wedding party photos, followed by the remaining 26 photos of the bride and groom alone. I would use the Polaroid camera to capture the reception.

How can the couple make your job easier? What prep can they do? Hire a wedding planner!! A professional wedding planner will help you choose the best wedding vendors in your area that will make your day all about you! They will help you choose the best time of day to have your outdoor ceremony so the lighting is optimal! A wedding planner will help you stay on schedule on the big day so that your photographer can capture all of the events you have planned in the contracted amount of time (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss, etc.)

What is your best advice to brides? Be yourself! Make your wedding 100% about you and your fiance! Incorporate hand-made favors, colorful frames, cute little cards for family and friends to write well wishes on, letterpress place cards, vintage flower vases, paper lanterns. All of these little details help make your wedding unique and charming and 100% YOU!

Clearly, there are too many reasons to count why we love her! I mean throwing a FESTIVAL!?! Get out! This crazy organized, letterpress loving, detail inspiring photographer will without a doubt capture your wedding -thoroughly, heartfelt and creatively- for a lifetime of memories. I guarantee that the moment you meet Jenni, you. will. love. her.

Photos courtesy of Jenni Maroney

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vendor Spotlight :: Jubilee Events

In an industry filled with talented professionals and even more exceptional individuals, we are always tickled to run across a blog post that hits us to our inspiration core. Such was the case in a post by Candice from Jubilee Events. What impresses us most about Jubilee Events is that they've only been in business THREE years! We are so happy to celebrate their success.

Located in Cheshire, Connecticut, Candice Coppola opened Jubilee Events in 2007. A majority of events take place in their home state, but growth has provided opportunities to branch out to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and unique destinations.

What sparked your interest in weddings? I had always had an interest in weddings - but during college I really started to develop more of a liking toward event design. My background is in art and design, so I was able to parlay that into event design easily.

What is your most memorable wedding moment? Every wedding has a memorable moment - but my favorite moment at all events is when the couple has just been announced in and they are having their first dance. The stress of getting the ceremony together has ended, set up is complete, the room is glowing with candle light, the caterer waits in the wings with the nights delicious faire, and the two of them are just all smiles. It's the time in the night where we say, "Ahhhhh. Job well done!"

What has been your most terrifying wedding moment? There was one wedding in the fall of 2009 that stands out. We worked for amazing clients who had an intimate wedding at an area aquarium. The bride wore this beautiful gown she had bought in the city- it was stunning on her! In between the ceremony and the reception their large bridal party took a party bus to the beach for gorgeous pictures. As she was getting off the bus, something happened to her dress and the zipper that ran from the end of her corset just over her backside literally came apart at the seams! My assistant Jessica and I were setting up at the venue 25 minutes away when we got a frantic phone call from her maid of honor. Luckily, we were able to dash over to her in enough time to not only sew her into her dress (cheers to our emergency kit!) but also get the photographs they wanted on the beach and make it in time for them to join their cocktail hour on schedule. It was such an unfortunate situation, but one we were able to fix!

What is your favorite wedding trend? I don't have a favorite wedding trend. I don't particularly care for trends. I just want couples to embrace their relationship together and their individuality and come up with a wedding that reflects who they are.

What is the best party you had growing up? Oh gosh- I can't quite remember. All birthdays are special for me and my mom and husband have always made them wonderful! Now college and high school parties are a different story...

What is your best advice for brides? Hire a planner- and I don't mean that because I am one- but because if you are even one iota stressed, you need someone to step in and help you out. A wedding is a huge undertaking, and with a little guidance and support, the experience can go from spastic to exciting!

If you are lucky enough to live along the East Coast, please contact Candice and I assure you, you will be well taken care of. We wish Jubilee Events a lifetime of continued success!

Photos courtesy of Carla Ten Eyck

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Any day that gives us all the opportunity to celebrate and embrace the beauty of love, is a favorite of ours. ENJOY! Lots of love to all of our readers, clients and friends. XO

Check out this lovely inspiration shoot featured on Pizzazzerie

Photo courtesy of Pizzazzerie

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Colorado Country Chic {mini}Bridal Shoot!

Being new to the industry and new to the inspiration shoot world, we are SO excited to share this beauty with you. Having been asked no more than 48 hours before hand to join in, it proved to be a challenge pulling everything together in time -but- We did it and we are just plain giddy looking at all the pics! While waiting for the photogs and models to finish shooting at the Hotel Boulderado, we drove up Flagstaff looking for the perfect spot. Found it! Until the wind kicked in. Ugh. Re-schedule? Not an option. Back in the car...We came across the even more perfect little nook on the side of the road, and voila! Love. While we wait for pics to come back, take a look at this feature by the lovely Shannon from Shalynne Imaging.

We can't wait for the shoots we have coming up, for the ones we're just beginning to plan, and those far in the future. Enjoy :)

::photo:: Shalynne Imaging + Jarrod Renaud
::design:: Yours truly! Special thank you to Shalynne Imaging for supplying flowers for us to design with!
::location:: Flagstaff Road
::makeup:: Natosha Cooke
::hair:: Brandice Rodriguez
::models:: Luccia + Austin